Our Team

Healing Chambers International brings together a team of high-end complimentary skills sets in order to develop an effective entrant to the enormous and growing international market for monoplace hyperbaric oxygen chambers.

Our team consists of medical device design, business management, engineering, clinical medical provision, export and manufacturing professionals. We have been working together closely for the past 36 months to get our company primed for international launch.



International Sales and Marketing Director – Peter Stonepeter-bw

Peter Stone is an experienced and successful international sales professional and is passionate about providing access to people across the world with the life giving properties of HBOT.

Peter has direct experience manufacturing and introducing monoplace chambers into HBOT clinics in the US, is a certified HBOT technician having performed over 2,000 HBOT treatments.

Peter commenced his knowledge of Hyperbaric Medicine in 1982 with the design and manufacture of the PARACEL transportable recompression chamber (TRCS) while he was working alongside the U.S. Navy and Robert (Bob) Lyne-Sands – the chambers’ patent holder and chief designer.
Once the PARACEL TRCS was manufactured, the U.S. Defence Department spent more than US$70 million equipping its naval forces and Coast Guard with these revolutionary chambers (which are still used today). The Australian Navy also has the TRCS on its ships.

After Bob Sands moved to the United States in 1993, Peter was invited to join him to work on the rollout of a contract with Horizon HealthCare Corporation, the owner of 217 Specialised Nursing Facilities. This involved the design of a new medical chamber and establishment of manufacturing facilities in downtown Los Angeles.

Peter had direct clinic experience in the USA and is a certified hyperbaric technician. Peter has performed over 2,000 treatments with outstanding results and was involved in the establishment of hyperbaric clinics in Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, San Diego CA and Slidell, Louisiana.
Peter is responsible for the overarching directions and vision of the company, final decision making and establishing and maintaining key industry partnerships.

Peter is the Managing Director of Real Estate of Distinction which he has owned for over 10 years and operates two offices, one in Sawtell servicing the Mid North Coast of New South Wales, Australia and the other in Byron Bay on New South Wales’ North Coast. The company has sold over 100 properties worth in excess of $1,000,000.


General Manager – Justin Brow

To realise Peter Stone’s vision, corporate executive Justin Brow has created the business models and exacting and achievable budget projections for Healing Chambers International. To prepare Healing Chambers International for global entry and expansion, Justin has written a Quality Management System compliant with international standard ISO13485, a ISO14971 Risk Management Plan, overseen the development of detailed Clinical Evaluation.

An accomplished and goal-oriented business executive, Justin is able to draw enthusiasm, productivity, and diligence from his teams; working together to realise ambitious targets; manage evolving stakeholder expectations; production schedules, business goals and finances.

Justin has held senior roles in corporate, private enterprise, government and research and has been the Director of his own successful business development consultancy company for many years.

Justin holds a Masters of Arts (Communications) from Monash University.



Manufacturing Director – Nicholas Stonenicks-bw

Nicholas Stone brings to this company mechanical and technical knowledge resulting from an engineering education and a mining maintenance trade background. This included the supervision and maintenance of light, heavy and diesel machinery. Nicholas is responsible for the overseeing of the manufacture of the hulls and importation of the various console components from the United States and England.

Nicholas is also responsible for the managing the design of the new chamber and console in conjunction with specialised engineering design teams.  Additional duties will include export packaging and shipment for international sales, assembly and design changes to the console, along with continual improvement of the chamber design.

Included in his responsibilities will be the installation of chambers into new Clinics and to oversee the on-going maintenance program of the chambers.



HBOT Medical Director – Dr. Philip Jeffery

Dr Philip Jeffery is an Australian-based health professional and member of the world’s leading society for hyperbaric medicine, the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), as well as the South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (SPUMS). A graduate of Sydney University, Philip practised as a rural GP in Dungog for over thirty years.

More recently, for the past three years he has worked in remote hospitals in the Kimberley primarily in Indigenous health. He has Anaesthetic and Intensive Care training, and has been trained in Hyperbaric Medicine and Wound care at L.A. Memorial (US) and through UHMS in November.


Lead Engineering Consultant  – Dinh Hung Hohung-we-smith-2

Hung has over thirty years experience as an engineer, including ten years combined experience at leading engineering firms in Stuttgart, Germany (inc. C.F. Sheer GmbH,  Foxboro Eckardt AG & Process Instrumentation) and over twenty years experience at W.E. Smith (situated in Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia).

As Engineering Manager at W.E. Smith, Hung led a team designing and developing pressure equipment for human occupancy in the medical and oil/gas energy sectors for global distribution for over 15 years. Hung encourages and welcomes new ideas from team members and requires all under his supervision to follow the working procedures indicated in the ISO 9001 company QA system to maintain the quality of work and products.

Hung possesses a Master Degree in Mechanical / Chemical Engineering from Stuttgart University, Germany.


Principal Hyperbaric Advisor – Stuart Bain

Director of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Systems (Aust) Pty Ltd and Director of Hyperbaric Oxygen Consultants, Stuart is responsible for the overall blueprint of our training program and has advised on the finer points of our chamber design, installation and patient requirements.

Stuart has been actively working in the hyperbaric medicines field for many years and is credited with installing and operating the first private monoplace hyperbaric clinic in Australia listed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. He has since trained scores of medical professionals and technicians in hyperbaric medicine as well as helping to establish the Australian Standards for Hyperbaric Medicine. Stuart’s expert knowledge and deep understanding of hyperbaric oxygen therapies will assist Healing Chambers International establish itself as an industry leader.

Stuart will be in charge of training the clinic staff and brings extensive hyperbaric expertise to our companies.