Our Progress

To prepare ourselves for international market entry, to date we have invested in excess of $500K and three years of business development to reach the point we are at.

Benefiting from direct experience in the HBOT market, and having completed detailed market research, we have completed designs of the world’s most contemporary medical device in this field. With input from experienced medical professionals, expert businesspeople, industry consultants, internationally certified pressure-device engineers and industrial designers,  we are now looking for private investment to commence manufacture of first batch of 5 prototype chambers (4 of which are under pre-order for a clinic in Australia and 1 to be used as a trade show display model) and launch our company on the international stage.

We have:

  • Written an internationally compliant Quality Management System for medical device manufacturers (ISO 13485)
  • Authored a Clinical Evaluation Report based on 50 years worth of clinical trials and analysisbsi-logo-strap-and-kitemark
  • Established a Risk Assessment and Management Plan for the manufacture of medical devices (ISO 14971)
  • Detailed Process Flow Charts (for purchasing, receiving, assembly, installation and maintenance)
  • Completed detailed Customer Clinics Requirements and exacting treatment protocols

– all of which have passed a Stage 1 Audit through British Standards Institute with outstanding feedback.


Once the manufacturing has been completed and engineering reports are at hand, we can progress to:

  • 2nd Stage Audit of ISO 13485
  • CE Medical Device Directive (93/42/EE)
  • CE Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/CE)
  • Clearance for FDA 510k
  • Final certification for ASME-PVHO-1

We have a contract with Emergo as our European Representative.

We have established relationships with AusTrade and international distribution channels targeting existing Free Trade Agreements.